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Kate Fulop

HGHS 2008
University of Vermont BA 2012
University of Maryland, MFA Costume Design 2014

When Kate Fulop helped sew costumes for theatre productions at Greeley, she had no idea that it was a portent of her future career. Fulop’s experiences in Greeley Theatre included a Stagecraft course in her sophomore year and Theatre Repertory in her junior and senior years.  She says that once Schrauf (Performing Arts Department Chairperson Christopher Schraufnagel) realized she could sew, he created many opportunities for her to work on costumes for Greeley productions.  Fulop said, “I really appreciate the freedom he gave me to explore and discover designing for theatre, by just jumping into it headfirst.”   Her memories of HGHS Theatre involve working late and laughing all the time.  She says, “Horace Greeley Theatre gave me a place where I fit in.  It was the first time I felt truly committed and proud of my schoolwork.”


After HGHS, Fulop choose a liberal arts program at the University of Vermont, envisioning a well- rounded education which would include theatre study.   At UVM, which has a small theatre program, she benefited from many opportunities to collaborate with professors; something she felt would not have been as likely at a large university. She said,  “My professors knew me well and helped me find great theatre internships and jobs every summer; eventually helping  me gain admission to a graduate program .  I wound up with a great portfolio in costume design and construction. Not just a degree with a famous university’s name on it.”


Fulop credits Schrauf and her experiences in his department with starting her on a theatre track.  She says, “He taught me (what is perhaps the most influential lesson of my life) to be truly passionate in what I do.   His passion for the art and his dedication to every aspect of the production instilled in me a sense of how working in theatre should be, joyous and exciting.” 

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